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Hercule Poirot - The Careless Client and the Rendezvous with Death

Ein Projekt von Anglistic Theater Group Mannheim e.V.
in Mannheim, Deutschland

We are an English-speaking theatre group located in the city of Mannheim. At the moment, we are recording an audio play to continue with our work despite the circumstances.

Leonie Hölderle
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Über das Projekt

The Anglistic Theater Group, short ATG, is an English-speaking theatre group located in the city of Mannheim. 
The Anglistic Theatre Group is an English-speaking Theatre Group. Every year in the spring/summer semester, we have a performance for which we prepare in the fall/winter semester by practising improvisation and other exercises. It is not only about standing on stage, however, but also taking on additional tasks essential to the production like direction, dramaturgy, props, management, or marketing. All in all, we face everything a big theatre production does as well, just in a smaller framework. At the Anglistic Theatre Group, all theatre enthusiasts are welcome – whether they are experienced actors or newbies to the stage, whether from Mannheim or international (exchange) students.

Due to the current situation, we are not able to perform on stage, but that does not stop an actor from acting. We decided to record an audio play to continue with our work and improve our voice-acting skills. In fact, we recorded two whole audio plays, both based on Agatha Christie’s works. On June 10, we will present you two episodes of the well-loved detective, Hercule Poirot. It is going to be mysterious, surprising, shocking and staged in America. Yes, you understood correctly - the Belgian detective now solves murders in the land of big dreams and hope. Whether in the city or on a cruise, crime never sleeps, and the little grey cells of Poirot’s mastermind do neither. 

You are welcome to join that evening of good-old detective work via our website. And even though we are currently exclusively working online, we would be delighted to receive your donation, especially regarding future projects, which will definitely come.