Ein Hilfsprojekt von A. Salif in BAMAKO, Mali

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A. Salif (verantwortlich)

A. Salif
On 22 March 2012 junior soldiers stage a coup d’état which overthrew the democratic government of Amadou Toumani Toure(ATT) In The Republic Of Mali, Rebels In The Northern Part Of The Republic Of Mali profited from this vide in power and Launched an Offensive On The 3 Northern States Where They Have Been Fighting For Indepence since. As At April 1st 2012 The Rebels Have Overtaken The 3 States VIZ; GAO, Kidal and Timbuktu From Government Control Causing The Residence To Flee Their Homes.
Thousands of people are in Urgent Need of Humanitarian Assistance Viz: Food, Portable Water, Shelter, Clothing and Medical Facilities…

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Ort: BAMAKO, Mali

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  • Hochgeladen am 06.04.2012