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Beendet Medizinische Geräte für das Kinderkrankenhaus „Sf. Maria“ in Iasi, Rumänien

Ein Projekt von Help others help e.V.
in Iasi, Rumänien

We aim to purchase medical 2 medical devices for the „Sf. Maria” Hospital in Iasi, Romania. This is the only pediatric hospital in the region and requires these devices to treat its small patients. We need your help to reach this goal!

Smaranda Becker
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Über das Projekt

Let’s come together to improve the chances of children from the Moldova region of Romania to have access to good, timely medical treatment!

What is the context?
We aim to purchase medical equipment for the „Sf. Maria” Hospital in Iasi, which is the regional medical center for treating children with kidney disease from across the Moldova region.
Around 50% of the patients suffer from severe kidney disease, requiring monitoring and medical equipment the hospital does not have today.

What is our mission?
To raise 12.675 EUR and purchase 2 medical devices, which are needed for monitoring and treating pediatric patients more effectively, and closer to their homes.

What devices do we want to purchase?
After consultation with the hospital and a thorough market review of the medical device producers, we agreed to purchase:
- 1 Ureteroscope - 8.330 EUR
- 1 Blood Pressure & Arterial Stiffness Monitoring Device - 4.345 EUR

How can you help?
Your donation can make a difference.
Every donation counts and reaches its goals as we do not have any costs as a NGO.
Let’s share some goodness with and for our home country, Romania!

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