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Beendet Well for the Tibetan Bonpo Nuns of Dolanji

Dholanji near Solan, Indien

Beendet Well for the Tibetan Bonpo Nuns of Dolanji

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I. Barthel von I. BarthelNachricht schreiben

While visiting the Tibetan Bon Monastery Menri in India I became aware that the women of the nunnery here urgently need a well. So far they only used a spring which had been sufficient, due to much less people. However, the Lamas of Menri take in poor or orphaned children from Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Sikkim, Bhutan etc and they are growing steadily in numbers. By now they are taking care of over 700 children, 54 of them live in the nunnery. Presently there is enough water for food and drink and a little washing but not for toilets and good hygiene.
But the hot weather will start soon and a well is soooo urgently needed. It will cost around 8100.- Euro, around 3600.- have already been collected around my circle of friends. I have been listing all incoming donations with initials on my blogsite and also all expenditures.
I wrote a more detailed blog in German about the projekt, (actually it developed out of a simple action to get some hot waterbottles and some insulation to the nuns):
and in English:
Tibetans need our support. They have no government lobbying for them, we the ordinary people must help them to pull through.
some thoughts on that: