Beendet Santhose needs a heart operation

Gudalur, Indien

Beendet Santhose needs a heart operation

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Santhose need a urgent heart operation.

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Santhose is a little one year old tribal child suffering from severe heart-diseases.
He needs an urgent heart operation in May 2012 which costs around 1.900€. He operation it will be in the hospital of Bangalore, capital of the region Karnataka.
His family lives in the Puthoorvayal Tribal village 4 kilometres away from Gudalur in the region Tamil Nadu. The parents Kuttu und Kunji have two other children and they are too poor to afford the urgent operation for the little son.
His father´s income isn’t sufficient for the operation´s costs. He works daily, as other tribal people of this area, in tea plantation fields, plucking tea leaves. For this work he earns 150 Rupees a day (2€). His mother is engaged with taking care for the three little children.
The local Tribal Welfare Trust, an Indian NGO supporting the development of tribes and minorities in Tamil Nadu, is willing to support Santhose ´s heart –operation with the amount of 750€.
I am supporting with my project Alice´s Projekt the indian NGO Tribal Welfare Trust by collecting private donations to finance the amount of 750€ for Santhose´ heart operation.