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FLFC provides school lunches in Burundi

Ein Projekt von Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
in kirundo, Burundi

A lack of education often translates to a life of poverty and social marginalization. In Burundi, one of Africa’s smallest countries, Welthungerhilfe is promoting a school nutritional programme that improves access to education.

C. Stark
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Über das Projekt

Pupils in Burundi often go to school hungry - or they don't go at all because the way is too exhausting.

By providing free school meals for children in several schools in the province of Kirundo in Burundi, Welthungerhilfe helps to increase school attendance. Students that are not hungry can also learn better.

Additionally, the meals are made with ingredients that are sourced from local smallfarmers, that we  also support in increasing their yield.