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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Club de Volunteer“ (H. Konsek) in Kathmandu, Nepal

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H. Konsek (verantwortlich)

H. Konsek

we have been supporting a little friend of ours. Her name is Sabina Pudasaini, an eleven year old from Hetauda District Bhimphedi VDC ward no 7. Unfortunately she is a hearing impaired child living in the Shree Kaleshwor Mahadev Orphan, Victim and Disabled Children Welfare Society Nepal in Damaitaar Lalitpur.

Sabina can barely speak or hear and her parents are very poor thus, preventing them from giving her the proper education and basic care that she deserves. Due to these circumstances she must stay in the orphanage despite the lack of qualified teachers present to help and teach the hearing impaired.

As of last April she has been studying at Rupak International Higher Secondary School, Kupondole, Lalitpur in nursery grade class of 2011.

Presently, we feel that there have been small improvements in Sabina’s academic progress however, not to the degree that we expected. This is due to her unsatisfactory living environment –out of sixteen children she is the only hearing impaired child – and thus, lacks adequate support. We would like to raise funds through volunteer donations so that we may send her to a specialized organisation for the hearing impaired in Kathmandu or school hostel wherever it is possible.

Thank you to all of you in advance for lovely support and help, Namaste Sanju Sakyha

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Ort: Kathmandu, Nepal

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