Beendet Uplift the lives of underprivileged children in Walmer Township!

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Izizwe Volunteer Projects“ (M. van der Put) in Port Elizabeth, Südafrika

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M. van der Put (verantwortlich)

M. van der Put
Izizwe Projects

The focus of the Izizwe Projects are the community and especially the children of the townships of Gqebera, more commonly known as Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth (PE), South Africa.

Izizwe Projects is a registered non-profit organization. The name Izizwe means bringing nations together but also building it. This is exactly what Izizwe Projects does. Volunteers from all over the world are coming to Port Elizabeth to make life in the Walmer township a little bit easier for the locals by giving them the power and knowledge to make changes themselves. On the other hand the volunteers are learning a lot from mixing with this different culture.

The challenges that the people in Walmer township have to deal with are poverty, child neglect, alcohol abuse, HIV/Aids and a high unemployment rate. Izizwe projects is focussing on the children in Walmer township to keep them away from all these problems. Even a little thing such as a loving hug can make a child’s day! There are several projects where help is needed in the townships. For example, the preschools, the primary schools, and holiday programs.

The incredible change these international volunteers have brought to this community shows the need to grow further and attract more international visitors willing to make a difference and be part of offering more services to those in need.

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Ort: Port Elizabeth, Südafrika

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