Beendet Heritage At Risk Preservation

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Champion Family Foundation“ (C. Fernandes) in Nottingham, Vereinigtes Königreich

Seit dem 1.11.2016 können Projekte, deren Träger in Deutschland nicht als gemeinnützig anerkannt ist, keine Spenden mehr auf sammeln. Mehr über diese Änderungen erfahren

C. Fernandes (verantwortlich)

C. Fernandes
The Champion Family Foundation is raising funds to take on preservation projects in the UK. Funds raised will be used to assist us in heritage projects in various counties and set up our foundation to create more fundraisers and help properties in need.

With your support, we can achieve our goal for 2012 and help distressed historical sites of interest in preserving them for future generations. Across the UK, there are hundreds of Buildings At Risk that could use our help. Through our work with local authorities and property owners, we can save these sites and give them back life.

That's why we would be very grateful if you donated to our project today!

Thank you!

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Ort: Nottingham, Vereinigtes Königreich

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