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S. Jeyaraj (verantwortlich)

S. Jeyaraj
Rural Institute for Development Education (RIDE) are seeking to raise funds of IR 50,000 every month to successfully carry out a follow up program to support children recently released from labour in the Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. This follows a two year child labour eradication program ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place completed by RIDE between 2008 And 2011, which successfully saw the release of over 500 children working in stone quarries and allied industries.

In order to ensure the continued education and wellbeing of these children we have devised a follow up project entitled ‘Love to Learn 300’ and are seeking funds to support a ontinue project. Through this relief and rehabilitation program we intend to reach out to 300 released labour children to ensure retention in the government schools and provide continuity of care through supporting their ongoing educational, health and wellbeing needs. This will be addressed through monthly day camps as well as a daily after school club, providing the children with a place to interact and learn, feel safe and to get adult support and guidance. But most importantly to keep them safe from the influences which may see them return to their old lives of exploitation and neglect.

Through we are initially looking to raise funds.. We are looking to commence the project coninute in advance of the whole school period which begins in June. We are aiming to have at least 6 months funds secured by the beginning of May in order to commence the project.

The 'Love to Learn 300' project is based on RIDE’s experience of nearly 30 years working in the field of child labour eradication and direct learning from the most recent projects. The nature and scope of the proposed project are as a result of feedback from village coordinators and teachers, as well as the direct observation of RIDE representatives.

For further details on the project including the full project proposal and budget details, please email us at: and we will gladly email it to you.

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Ort: Chennai, Indien

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  • Under dress to dress less program we collected used dress and distributed to the poor need children.

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  • with the help of lions club poor children received paste and brush.

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  • RIDE school day program by girl students at Sevilimedu village

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  • Flood affected area Tribal people got dress and bed spreads .

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  • Dance program in a flood affected tribal area near Uthiramerur.

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  • evening school children . They are taking evening food with our support by donors.

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  • Flood affected tribal children got new dresses from donar

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  • students Received ID Card

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  • June 1st opening day

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  • Our schools are going to open on 1st June 2015

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  • Love to learn children got prizes from Director and guest.

    Hochgeladen am 12.04.2015

  • Love to learn project children dancing

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  • Love to learn - Evening school children dancing in award function on 11th Aprill 2015

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  • RIDE children

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  • Hochgeladen am 27.03.2015

  • clarissa from London teach English to our RIDE children

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  • twins in our program

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  • The girl standing with me and teacher is a special girl. From her childhood - she is coimng.

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  • Children got Pen and some books in a meeting at RIDE center

    Hochgeladen am 04.03.2014

  • special class on March 2014 about National Leaders - by S.Jeyaraj

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  • Happy to be in the RIDE hall for get together

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  • Our visitors from Germany

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  • Hochgeladen am 13.01.2014

  • Hochgeladen am 13.01.2014

  • Happy with teacher

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  • Hochgeladen am 13.01.2014

  • They assembled in the hall to see their cultural performances

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  • It is alwalys hard to us in feeding because the attedance is many times more than our expectation . Teachers and guests are watchers not even get single piece from food. We enjoyed.

    Hochgeladen am 14.06.2013

  • My friend Lion.K.b.Kumanan and few local supporters came to the camp and distributed sweets to the children.

    Hochgeladen am 14.06.2013

  • I am happy to be wtih them. s.Jeyaraj

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  • The food is very important for the children. thanks donars. It is your gift.

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  • Love to learn project; Holiday camp at our RIDE center Arpakkam.

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  • The new after school club.

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  • We love to learn! (Children from RIDE's Arpakkam school, which has acted as a 'bridge school' for released labour children as well as prevented many children from being exploited and exposed to labour).

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  • Fun activities encourage interaction and relationship building (Released labour children with RIDE Director s.Jeyarj during a meeting in 2011).

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