Finanziert BWA Street Childrens Party 2012

Ein Hilfsprojekt von K. Smith in Dhaka, Bangladesch

K. Smith (verantwortlich)

K. Smith
It's that time of year again ... On March 18th 2012, the BWA Dhaka will take 300 children from different street children's schools and shelters for a fantastic fun day at Nandan Water Park, Dhaka. These children don't have the chance to be carefree very often - most of them are working children who have been able to attend some school thanks to various charities and shelters around the city.

This is an annual event, sponsored by local and international businesses and individuals. Nandan Water Park gives us a discounted entrance fee for all the kids, and sponsors donate various items to make sure all the kids have to focus on is having a great day.

No, we aren't solving fundamental problems in the children's lives, but yes we are letting them be kids, at least for one day. Please browse some of the photos from last year posted here, so you can see all those big smiles ...

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Ort: Dhaka, Bangladesch

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