Center for Global Initiatives: SMART

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Center for Global Initiatives“ (C. Stout) in rural, Kambodscha

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C. Stout (verantwortlich)

C. Stout
The Sustainable Medical Arts Research & Technology Project (or SMART) is an ongoing series of phased education programs that will start in Cambodia in 2008 and ultimately be adapted to other countries. Working with CGI emergency, behavioral, and public health volunteers and partner universities and organizations: College of Medicine, University of Illinois; Flying Doctors of America; University of Colorado Health Sciences; and others, CGI will conduct basic public health and emergency first aid education programs on an annual basis. The project includes onsite instruction (didactic and skills labs), regional district-level education outreach programs, ongoing research and outcomes data assessment, and a “train the trainers” approach to public health and emergency first aid education. In early years, the program is US-faculty heavy, but over time the program will be managed almost entirely by local regional physicians and related health care providers.

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Ort: rural, Kambodscha

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