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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Center for Global Initiatives“ (C. Stout) in Moshi, Tansania

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C. Stout (verantwortlich)

C. Stout
The kindergarten we helped to found in 2005 is expanding its scope via THRIVE. We are using education as a basis for developing resilience of the orphans as well as those providing healthcare in the neighboring clinic/hospital. We will be developing programs for local nursing students and orphan children in collaboration with local doctors, nurses, and staff. We will have a particular focus on counseling to people with HIV infection and AIDS. We will be in Moshi. The ages of children are between 3 to 12 years. The name of the hospital is Huruma Designated Hospital and is in Kilimanjaro Region in Rombo District. The primary illnesses of patients in our hospital are Malaria, T.B, Pneumonia, Immunosupression, Diabetes, and Hypertension.

THRIVE quite simply stemmed from a personal relationship I had with a guide I met while on a climbing trip there and pre-dated the Center’s start, but certainly was catalytic to its coming into being. What is amazing to me is the amplification effect of what are very easy and simple “interventions” on our part. These are things ANY psychologist/individual could do and likewise have a wonderful impact.

The Center works with Fr. Aloyce Urio who is in charge of a group of orphaned children as well as being a Chaplin at a local Hospital. Over the years he’d query me about a child having a certain physical or emotional problem and I would respond back with suggestions, materials and whatever I could get my hands on and ship it to him. If it was outside my skills, I would consult with an ad hoc team of friends in medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or what-have-you specialty, for help. And they always come through.

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Ort: Moshi, Tansania

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