Beendet Provide working tools to a Child

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Beendet Provide working tools to a Child

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This project will benefit young an orphan that will empower about 100 young people to learn welding. He will train people now for free and give them skills so that they could support their won little ones or their lives.

Joshua C. von Rural Development Centre ( RUDEC-Cameroon)Nachricht schreiben

This project is set up by RUDEC Cameroon to support an orphan so that he will have working tools to meet his needs and train other children who will need be welders.

This project came to existence when we had a child who refuse to enter school as he wants to do an apprenticeship to be able to help his sisters.

This project will help Marcel set up his workshop and will further use to training other orphans who want to learn the trade. He world not train them for free.We estimate that he would train about 100 young people in the trade.

The biggest challenges are to get tools to establish his workshop.As of now we have already paid for his apprenticeship fees.

The donations will benefit this project providing tools for the young man to establish a workshop that will be use to train others which is to meet our mission of empowering young people.