Beendet Art and design text books for African schools

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „wayfindinguganda“ (M. Michael) in +256, Uganda

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M. Michael (verantwortlich)

M. Michael
As a school teacher from African schools, I faced a big challenge of explaining the importance of art to the local community. At the same time Art was a very difficult subject to teach in local Ugandan schools because it is expensive to execute a lot of it learning aims and objectives with necessary tools, equipment and materials.
Through wayfindinguganda a group of 5 students went back to find Africa in Uganda to find out ways we can help.
In the final analysis a text book
Art and design: A comprehensive guide for creative artists was written.
Some of the learning goals, which were established in the initial part of the planning phase for the book project include:
• Providing necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for self-development
• Promote positive environmental and health practices
• Build a firm foundation for further education and training
• Enhance the enjoyment of learning art
To arrive at such desired learning expectations in all (Art and design) subject areas of the project, different syllabi and local newspapers were consulted to discern local issues, particularly common social problems. Fundamentally, newspapers and local schools provided comprehensible input, which we used to form necessary tasks.
Your donation will be used for all costs associated with the design process, printing and distribution of awareness knowledge.

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Ort: +256, Uganda

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