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Beendet Give poor women access to microfinance

Kisumu, Kenia

Beendet Give poor women access to microfinance

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Rafode is dedicated to ensure that the funds received from the donors/supporters are used transparently and report forwarded to the donors,Rafode is happy to host donors who are interested to come and see how their funds are changing lives

A. Mayodi von Rafode- Rural Agency for developmentNachricht schreiben

Rafode started as a project in 2005 with the mission of providing and mproving credit and savings opportunities for the productive poor of western Kenya,especially women, through development of a sustainable micro enterprises. Rafode is also demonstrating mcro finance best practises in Kenya. This project came to exist after many poor especially women were excluded from accessing financial services due to lack of security and they were perceived risky by banks and other microfinance organization. Rafode project is headed by the Executive director, finance Manager and operations manager who are working on this project. The project aims to benefit poor women from urban slum and rural areas with access to finance to bost their business and have access to micro savings, business trainings and counceling.The project target to reachout to 500 poor women on yearly basis by accessing micro credit loans and savings. The bigest challenge is capital to meet the huge demand for our credit to the poor women.The donation will be used to reach out to more women with credit and training in Business skills with the aim of makng them come out of poverty and be self reliance.