Finanziert Food Parcels for Child-Headed Households

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „South Coast Hospice Association“ (S. Podmore) in PORT SHEPSTONE, Südafrika

S. Podmore (verantwortlich)

S. Podmore
The sincere wish of South Coast Hospice is to provide food parcels to the many terminally ill patients and their families that live in impoverished and deeply rural areas within the UGU District of KwaZulu-Natal, the area that we serve. The month of December is always especially difficult for these families and our greatest wish would be to provide them with some basic food items. Included in our programmes are children that are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Further, many of the households are child-headed. These children are not only battling with severe living conditions, i.e. no electricity and water, and extreme hunger, but bear the emotional and financial responsibility of looking after younger siblings. These children, who may be as young as ten, may even be the primary caregiver to a terminally ill patient. We would love to offer them some little joy, this being in the form of food parcels, which are always very gladly accepted and appreciated. Light up your life today by donating to this project and know that you are making some child SMILE.

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