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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Bam Animal Clinics“ (D. Balondemu) in Iganga, Uganda

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D. Balondemu (verantwortlich)

D. Balondemu
Bam Animal Clinics works in a region where animals have no rights, and people have not been informed about animal management and care, its benefits and the dangers of neglecting animals.
Our goal is to rescue, protect and improve the lives of animals in Uganda. In order to achieve this goal, BAC puts into consideration a number of activities and guiding principles as seen hereunder;
We support and enhance the sheltering of homeless dogs and cats at household and community level. This has led to a great reduction in the killing of homeless dogs and cats on roads and through food poisoning.
We have established veterinary networks to continuously supply information and awareness to the population regarding pet’s purposes and management.
We sensitize the communities on animal birth control methods to reduce over proliferation. This is done at both household, community and districts level through our Veterinary networks. In addition, we have adopted spaying and neutering programs at the different designated program centres.
We educate the population about the dangers of having stray and homeless, unvaccinated dogs and cats. In this our major area of concern in scaling down the rate of the spread of rabies, a disease which has caused a great number of deaths in the region, devastated families and entire communities.
We have created a strong linkage and referral system with other veterinarians, CSOs with mutual goals, and the MoH . This has helped us expand the coverage of our program activies in the different parts of the country

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Ort: Iganga, Uganda

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