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Ein Hilfsprojekt von T. Gladys in kumasi, Ghana

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T. Gladys (verantwortlich)

T. Gladys
First and foremost this project is going to help those who are here illiterates ... i therefore need aids to support those who cannot further their education because of financial crises ..
Secondary this project is going to help those who are in need of help to continue their education .... i have so many people who are in need of help concerning their education ... i have almost more people who i have been known them for long time and their are willing to further their education but due to financial crises they are not in school again so i believe strongly that when i get aid from this project they are also going to be benefit from this projects as i have taking to be upon myself to do that if i get help from others ....
The biggest challenges will be those who are willing to help when the needs arise ..
Last but not the least is those who benefit from these project are those who are illiterates and those who don't have money to continue their education .

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Ort: kumasi, Ghana

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