Ein Hilfsprojekt von N. Trust in Cuddalore, Indien

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N. Trust (verantwortlich)

N. Trust
As you all might be aware “Cyclone Thane“ had hit Tamil Nadu on Dec 30th 2011 and it has totally devastated the Cuddalore district and its surroundings. It had rendered thousands homeless because the majority population were living in huts or tiled houses which were destroyed by the severe storm of around 125 KMPH wind and rains.
It had left thousand without even the basic needs like food, shelter and water. The Government and some people are helping them in some ways. Electricity Department people are working day and night and even then it will be fully restored only after a month it seems. All the affected people were like us only working and earning and lived a happy life till Dec – 30 and to restore them to their lifestyle will take a minimum of ten years if reports are to be believed. It is a huge disaster. Government cannot solve all the issues.

We did a detailed survey and based on our own volunteer‘s site evaluation, we have decided to help three small villages in Cuddalore town with your support.
Service to people is service to god. We appeal you to consider the affected people’s agony and contribute generously. It will be thankfully received and properly put to use.
I also request you to do some collection drive and organize support. An ocean is nothing but millions of drops of water and your offering will add lots of value to the needy people.
Let us work together and make a change in the shattered people’s lives.

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Ort: Cuddalore, Indien

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