Give struggling christians and children a hope

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Tabernacle of Hope Inc.“ (A. Collins) in Johnsonville, Liberia

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A. Collins (verantwortlich)

A. Collins
Tabernacle of Hope Inc, church project started in 2008. The project came about when the living devotion, we started having attracted more persons.As wegot more persons coming in to the devotion, we decided to moved outside. In doing this, we built a reed and mat hut to hold worship services. This mat building was able to host 250 persons. Due to the increase damage done on the m at by the termites, the members decided to start the erection of a concrete building in 2008. We have 40 persons working on the project, that is, the members of the church. This project is expected to benefit christans, children, old people and dwellers of the community. The project will benefit over 3000 persons.As we intend to open a primary school within the building during week days for the community kids; whose parents cannot afford the high fees and those who cannot enter the government school in Liberia. Simply because of over crowdliness in the government schools around. If we are successful, we also intend to attach old folks feedings and caring to the church programs.
People will benefit, as the church will provide a completed building for worship and school during week days. The provision of aid to old people is our priority, so if we get donations, you can rest assure that our old beggars will be the major benefators.
Our biggest challenges are the lack of school for our children, the roof, floor, ceiling and instruments, continouos starvation of old people.

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Ort: Johnsonville, Liberia

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