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Farmville: 100 hay bales for Horse sanctuary rescued horses

Riscova, Moldawien

Horses will be needed in Moldovan villages. You can see our 4 horses in Riscova in 2021 and now support them - and becoming their friend.

Julian G. von Active Commons e.V.
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Horses are an important, climate-friendly component in Moldovan villages. Our EcoVillage Moldova project needs help to sustain the four horses that want to be an example of how to treat animals.

2020 has been a particular challenging year for us not just because of the pandemic that canceled nearly all our fundraising activities, but also because of the drought that affected all pastures and hay fields that as a result doubled and even tripled the prices of bales. 

 After rescuing our 4 horses from the slaughterhouse 2 years ago, learning the kind ways of natural horsemanship. building the stable, the winter boxes and arranging the horse interaction arena, we want to spread the Natural horsemanship practices to the village horse owners to improve the lives of their horses and potentially reversing their extinction altogether.
Help us get 100 of the precious hay bales to help us make it through the cold season.