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Farmville: A bike shelter for Eco village Moldova

Ein Projekt von Active Commons e.V.
in riscova, Moldawien

People should experience the region around Eco-Village Moldova by bike. To sustain this offer, the team in Riscova needs some help to create a safe space for the bike that are there already. Do you want to see it 2021???

Julian G.
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Über das Projekt

Our Moldovan partner in Riscova would like to expand their offer to villagers and visitors to Eco-Village Moldova: biking through the region!

Riscova is becoming a greener- people and nature friendlier and with it - a more resilient village. One beautiful prospect ahead  is green tourism and a more ecological local transport which can be achieved with bicycles. We want to encourage cycling and make it irresistible to both locals and visitors. For this we have already refurbished and conditioned a few bicycles and they need a place that from one hand will give them the needed shelter during the cold and wet season and from another side will put them in a beautiful spotlight for the ones who enter the premises.