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House for township children

Ein Projekt von Ubuntu Charity e.V.
in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, Südafrika

Charity needs own space to help children and young adults from an informal settlement in South Africa

Silke Rylands
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Über das Projekt

Ubuntu Charity supports people in the township Imizamo Yethu in Cape Town. We run a tuition program, a library, soup kitchen, offer job trainings, help people to start their own small business and hand out food parcels and donations in kind. Most of our activities happen in a community container. This container is unfortunately not always available and we’re running out of space. We can‘t accept new children to the tuition program, we can’t take in more books, we can’t offer some services at all because we do not have the space for it. So we need our own premises in order to maintain our activities and expand our projects. 
The whole needed amount is very likely to high for a single sponsor but every contribution counts to get closer to our goal.