Beendet Mission Prahar

Jabalpur, Indien

Beendet Mission Prahar

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To engage female students for three months and to instill culture of Patriotism, self esteem, self defence & fitness as a way of living & to train 1 Crore women in self defense all over India

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Self Defense-Mission Prahar- One must learn to defend him or her in most of the unforseen situations. Thinking on those lines we came up with very short term training module that is basically a fusion of all kinds of deadliest martial arts along with the breathing, Qi Gong, self healing system and stretching of kalarripayatt (Indian Martial Arts).Benefits: Increases confidence, stamina and higher fitness level both mind & body.

Shifuji is one of the world’s Youngest & best Fusion Kung-fu Master Apart from many accolades that he has earned world over, his major achievements are as follows:
** World’s best commando trainer ( google rating)2008-10.
** The only Indian monk & kung-fu Master of 32nd generation of Shaolin warrio Monks from shaolin temple, china.
** Inventor-S2VS,M3A,& S2KS (Single second knock out system)
** Special Commando Trainer for Combatants & Commandos of Hawk commandos, Counter terrorist group, Special task force & Anti terrorist scot & Anti naxalite groups & Mumbai police force.
** India’s most successful campaign – Mission Prahar
(to train 1 Crore women in self defense)
** Founder Head & Successor of Indian Warrior monks Tradition.
** Worlds Yougest Hat Yogacharya & guru of MR.& Miss India Yoga.
** Have more than 29 lacs disciple all over the world.

This initiative will give an opportunity to the Young female of all economic class to participate together in a training program that builds their capacity for self defense, enhance their self confidence and create a positive connect with the Community