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Dream Children's Home - an orphanage in Kenya

Ngong, Kenia

Dream Children's Home - an orphanage in Kenya

Ngong, Kenia

Dream Children's Home was built in 2004 by a kenyan couple. Orphans, abused or needy children will find a new home here. In 2014 60 children found a new life here.

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Über das Projekt

Dream Children's Home is the independent project of Rachel and Stephen - a lovely kenyan couple. Since 2004 they are caring for needy and orphaned children. Food, education and medical support are the biggest issues for the orphanage. Rachel always focusses the education of the children. She says: "Needy children will find something to eat on the street and they will find some clothes to wear but they won't find anybody who is taking care of their education. If we don't focus on that, none of the children we are feeding right now, will have the chance of having a normal life."

Until today (2014) the home expanded a lot. There is a stable main building, two stable dorms for the children, an outside-kitchen and still a lot of space for the children to play. The sanitary system will be renewed on 2014 and the home also has a clean water-supply by now. In 2010 the orphanage was able to built its own school. So around 35 children are visiting the school (just 2minutes away) where really qualified education is guaranteed.
The orphanage has a biogas-system and around 5 cows. But still there is a lot to do.

Since everything is set up quiet good we still have one goal: We would like to make the orphanage SUSTAINABLE and SELF-SUFFICIENT.

At the moment the home is dependent on donations - especially for food and to keep the school running. Every year the orphanage needs to extend the school and of course every year new challenges appear.

All projects this year will focus on improving the financial income of the home, to make the school financially stronger and of course to improve the life of the children.

I guarantee, that all donations made will go to the project which they were assigned to. Feel free to ask me for receipts or proofs of the transactions at any time!

For further information feel free to visit our website:

or join the group on facebook:
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