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Beendet Improving teaching at Kilele Junior School

Nairobi, Kenia

Beendet Improving teaching at Kilele Junior School

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Kilele Junior School provides a unique model of schooling and the inclusion of less privileged children. The school urgently needs more learning material to ensure adequate learning conditions.

Maria Z. von Kilele Junior FoundationNachricht schreiben

Kilele Junior School based in Nairobi keeps constantly growing. Thanks to the generous donation of sponsors the school was able to rent a new school building with several new class rooms. In a second step we are aiming at equipping the new class rooms and to aquire adequate teaching material to improve the quality of education. Thanks to the help of some volunteers, Kilele Junior School has been able secure a 40t container of school material, clothing, furniture and computers donated by Crossroads Shipment. While they will ship the container free of charge to Kenya, the transport of the container from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi as well as all charges related to it have to be covered by Kilele Junior School. According to the quotes that Kilele Junior School has received from the transport company, the costs for the transport as well as the charges at the port and eventually duty charges will sum up at about 4000 Euro (5500 US Dollar). The donation declaration can be found under the following link
The transportation quote can be found here

KILELE is a Swahili word for “Peak” and at Kilele each individual goal set is guided towards this goal. Kilele Junior School was found in 2008 and is a brainchild of Kilele Junior Foundation and its Director/Fonder John Keya. Kilele Junior School provides a unique model of stream schooling and the inclusion of less privileged children. Currently the school has registered 100 children, but its number keeps growing from year to year.

70% of the children pay the subsidized fees comfortably while 30% come from very poor families and are admitted for free. In this 30%, some are orphans, others from single parenthood wile others are from backgrounds that struggle to pay school fees.

As the school's primary goal is to provide access to education to the children from vulnerable community who otherwise would not get it, it provides quality education for extremely low school fees (state the fees). Several children and their families are also supported by European sponsors through our child sponsorship programme.

Today Kilele has 6 classes for children from 3 to 9 years old. The subjects being taught are Math,Science, Social Studies, CRE (Religious Education), Swahili and English. We also provide arts and sports classes weekly. Along with 6 classrooms the school has a play ground for the children to do sports and play games during breaks. The school also runs an income-generation project through rearing and selling rabbits.

More information about Kilele Junior School can be found on:
Our website
Watch a video about Kilele Junior School: