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Beendet Quenching the Thisrt of Rural Community

Kannamangalam, Indien

Quenching the thirst of 800 socially excluded people through installation of two water pumps

R. Kumar von CONCORD TRUST | 
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Über das Projekt

Kalasamudram and Ananthapuram villages are most backward region and a highly drought prone region in Polur Block of Tamil Nadu.

Drinking water is the top most problems remaining for years to be addressed in the area. During summer, people have to walk for three kilometers away fro fetching water. This causes, the people very discomfort and most of the girl children are engaged as water carrier even becoming drop out of schools. In health aspects, the people, specifically the children are much affected. People are using polluted open well water which contains more impurity causing water borne diseases such as diahorrea, itches, scabies etc and the most sufferers of this condition are infants, children and young people. To treat the illness caused in such way they have to spend more money by medicine and treatment from qualified medical personnel. Being inaccesbile to such position, the children remain untreated which results in undesired consequences to their health. Total hygiene's ignored in this situation.

The target people in the target area are thus suffered economically as well as from health aspects, which make them more vulnerable to social marginalisation and most backwardness in the society.

Through implementation of this project, 150 families (800 members) would be getting safe drinking water. The target community would be socially developed and empowered for equality and justice in the society.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. September 2020