Beendet Construct Two Classrooms For Group Schools Eziama

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Christian Fellowship And Care Foundation“ (Clinton E.) in Ahiazu Mbaise, Nigeria

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Clinton E. (verantwortlich)

Clinton E.
Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation is raising money to construct a two classroom for Group Schools Eziama in Oparanadim, Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. The school built fifty years ago with mud blocks has been blowed off by heavy rain fall. The children are learning under the mango tree on the day we visited. A great number of pupils stayed away from the school because of blowed off building during a heavy rain fall. The remaining building-built with mud walls without doors and windows, blocks dilapidated, population explosion, insufficient desks, overcrowded classrooms and inadequate learning materials characterize the entire system. It will be a great relief to parents and children if at least a new two classroom block is constructed to save them from eminent danger and allow them to study in a very conducive environment . Over 1500 children will benefit from the project, improving their literacy and education and giving them a brighter future.

Project Activities:
The project will help construct two block classrooms, buy teachers table and desk, school desk, blackboards and basic materials for Group Schools Eziama.

Potential Long -Term Impact:
The two classroom construction will provide appropriate, adequate, desirable and acceptable learning environment for children to learn.

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Ort: Ahiazu Mbaise, Nigeria

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  • Sketch and drawing of the two classrooms for Group Schools Eziama, showing the front view and the floor plan

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • Class 3 and 4 studying under the mago tree on the day we visited the school.

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • CHRIFACAF President, the school Headmistress- Mrs. Iwuchukwu C.E, and a class teacher standing on the blowed building

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • CHRIFACAF President with the school Headmistress- Mrs. Iwuchukwu C.E, discussing about the blowed building

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • Side view of the remaing dilapidated classroom

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • Students,school head mistress and CHRIFACAF President on the background

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011

  • Clear front view of the blowed classroom

    Hochgeladen am 18.11.2011