Beendet Sewing machine for trained 40 poor women

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT“ (R. Rana) in Baliapal, Indien

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R. Rana (verantwortlich)

R. Rana
ARM has been trying to end poverty by supporting vocational training to SHG women,risk girls in our target community.We have given tailoring training to 40 women in Jaleswar & Baliapal block from other source of funding.After training the trained women are trying to get loan from Bank to start their micro enterprises .But many of them have not succeed to avail loan from the Bank and other sources.They all are very poor and vulnerable in nature.ARM appeal our donors to support at least one sewing machine of 54 Euro to start one tailoring shop at their own house to earn 38 Euro minimum month .Kindly join our hand to enhance the economic level of our poor & neglected women of remote rural areas of Odisha.

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Ort: Baliapal, Indien

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