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Beendet Tawonga Project Malawi

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in Bandawe, Malawi

Wir sammeln und versenden Schulsachen, Kleidung und Spielzeug nach Malawi. Diese Spenden bringen mehr Kinder zur Schule und machen den harten Alltag lebenswerter.

Alexander S.
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Über das Projekt

tawonga-project is a small privately run charity project aiming on helping children and disabled people in Malawi. Tawonga ("thank you" in language of the Tonga) started in June 2009 with a private holiday in Malawi.

We never lost contact with the community in the northern part of Malawi (Chinteche) and soon the first aid parcels were sent to Bandawe (Nkhata-Bay). The goal of the initiative is to support the children, to try to improve their quality of life and to make everyday life easier for them.
The children of Malawi face a lot of challenges in their lives like poverty, diseases and a very low life expectancy. Most children don’t have access to a decent education, because they have to take over the role of their parents for their younger siblings. They lack almost everything starting with books and pencils till food and medication. Life is especially hard for orphans und sick people.

Malawi is considered to be the 10th poorest nation in the world based on GDP (gross domestic product). This results in many unnecessary deaths from starvation, malaria, bilharziosis and other treatable health conditions.
Please offer your help and put a smile on the face of these wonderful children.