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Ein Hilfsprojekt von J. Oginga in Kisumu, Kenia

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J. Oginga (verantwortlich)

J. Oginga
GYSA is a self-help soccer academy for youth soccer and development organization, founded in 2005, owns a girls and Boys soccer programs by the name “ Galactico soccer Academy” which has produced Under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and Over 20 are runned by youths for 80% girls and 20% boys of Under 10 and 14 years. It has over 600 members who participate in our activities, the programme involves assisting more forgotten, misjudged, overlooked and disadvantaged youth (girl-child) to acquire professional soccer skills, avoiding social vices as drug abuse, prostitution (hence high risk of HIV/AIDS), partaking in criminal activities and acquiring leadership skills as part of a humanitarian development program. The program helps identify potentially gifted female players who can be nurtured to reach the highest level of soccer and academic achievement. We are committed to building the lives of girls and their families through soccer and improving the quality of life in the heart of the country’s urban communities by making it a true sport for all regardless of ethnic or economic background in slums in Kisumu including Nyalenda, Manyatta, Obunga, Kondele, Shauri. The program also provides feeding, housing and education to 25 percent of their immediate members of their families through employment

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Ort: Kisumu, Kenia

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