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Help Cancer Patients in Russia

Ein Projekt von Hilfeverein AdVita e.V.
in Berlin, Deutschland

Hilfeverein AdVita supports disadvantaged patients of Rаissa Gorbacheva Cancer Center in St. Petersburg. When they cannot afford it, we help them to cover expensive bone marrow donor searches in Germany. Often it is the only way to fight cancer

Mikhail Kazbekov
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Über das Projekt

Help Cancer Patients in Russia
There is a serious misconception that Russia is a rich country, providing necessary medical care to its citizens. The reality is strikingly different! Many people are suffering from poverty and inability to pay for good medical treatment. Medicine is becoming increasingly private, many hospitals are underfunded, essential medications and services are being cut. 
Charitable organization Hilfeverein AdVita was founded in Germany in 2018 to help these acutely needy patients in Russia. We raise funds to support patients from Raisa Gorbachova Cancer Center in St. Petersburg.

The main objective of our project is to pay for donor search for bone marrow transplantations. Hilfeverein AdVita e.V. pays the bills of Russian patients at Stefan Morsch Stiftung in Germany. The cost of the searches of bone marrow donors in the International Register is extremely high - about 20,000 Euro per person (and there are currently about 130 patients at Raisa Gorbacheva Cancer Center, waiting for the compatible bone marrow donor and the transplantation). Fortunately, we raise money in aid and in cooperation with our partner organization - AdVita Fund in St. Perersburg. When the need arises for such an operation, it is always a matter of life and death. Tragically, many families fail to collect the required amount, so every donation is hugely appreciated. 
After the operation, the patients often struggle with life-threatening complications. Our organization therefore raises funds for the purchase in Europe of modern drugs for Russian patients.
The total amount required for the project Help Cancer Patients in Russia” is 80,000 Euro per year.
Any financial support would be greatly appreciated. We need people who are ready to help raise funds for our project, we need contacts of potential sponsors and partners. We also need ideas and helpers in organizing charity events. 
Please contact us. Together we will surely be able to help people in a very difficult situation.
We will be happy to answer your questions!