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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Tsunagari Nukumori Project“ (F. Ujiie) in Nakao, Japan

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F. Ujiie (verantwortlich)

F. Ujiie
Though more than 6 months has passed since a massive earthquake hit the Tohoku Pacific areas in Japan, various supports for the people affected are still required. Some areas such as Ishinomaki City and Kesennuma-City, the areas afflicted worst by the terrible earthquake and tsunami are said to be connected to the normal electricity grid in 2014. Electricity is of course indespensible, but the Japanese people do not want to rely on Nuclear Energy any more. "Tsunagari-Nukumori Project" is is a chance to provides renewable energy to people in the affected areas and at the same time help the people of Japan in their endeavour to no longer have to rely on nuclear energy. "Tsunagari" is Japanese for "connection" and "nukumori" means "warmth/ affection" - Your generosity can provide not only the physical warmth, but the warmth you feel when joining friends and family in the living room on a cold winter evening.
It is a first steps to show that Japan can manage without nuclear power and that it is worth phasing-out nuclear power.
Over 20 NGOs participate and support this project The following renewable energy regeneration methods are provided to the afflicted areas:

1. Solar Power ~Provide electricity and bring the light!!~
Cooperating with local communities in the affected areas, we will install solar power generating systems at evacuation centers nursery schools and temporary housings. With 350,000 JPY (around 4,564 USD), we can install a 1kWp solar power system which can supply enough electricity for using most home electronics. In addition, a bigger system, a kind that has a battery or a solar-powered light is also available.

2. Solar Water Heating System ~Support people in their daily life!!~
Some affected areas are still without baths or showers. We will provide evacuation centers, public facilities and temporary housings with solar heated water as warm as 50 to 60 Celsius (122-140F) on sunny days. It will enable those who are affected to save their energy costs.

3. Biomass Energy ~Provide hot baths!!~
Some affected people gather the waste woods resulted from tsunami and make wood chips from them. These wood chips are used to provide a hot bath service powered by a wood chip heaters and wood pellet heaters on evacuation centers.

We heartily appreciate your donations so that we can install many facilities as possible.

Please check out our daily updates in the below websites!

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Ort: Nakao, Japan

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