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Klimacamp München 2020

München, Deutschland

Klimacamp München 2020

München, Deutschland

The camp serves as a platform for networking, organizing and educating us and people who are interested in climate justice and related topics such as climate change, migration, transformative society, skills for action as well as mobility visions.

Philip B. von FV für die Arbeit globaler grüner Bewegungen e.V. | 
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Über das Projekt

Since 2018 it became clear, how urgent a reduction of emissions has to be in all relevant economic sectors. The 1,5-degree report of the world climate council is published, whose recent draft showed that the goals of the Paris climate agreement can only be reached by drastic measures, which is total decarbonization. Munich is especially apt to check the automobile industry as an important antagonist of the climate justice movement: Here companies like BMW and MAN run their production lines producing cars and utility vehicles which run with fossil energy and thus add massively to the local and global environmental stress. Again BMW aimed at new record results for its shareholders – SUV sales on the rise, especially emission-intensive large luxury cars. Recent studies showed that traffic in Munich makes the highest-burden with NOx in Germany. Right now, BMW has been submitted to a police raid for manipulating real emission figures. AUDI chief of the management Rupert Stadler is under imprisonment on remand for the same reason.
As climate justice activists we are turning to the automobile industry and mobility as a strategic field of action building leverage upon the Diesel Scandal. The camp will function as a hub for original ideas and progressive vision for the establishment of a local climate justice movement. It provides a wide range of educational programs with a focus on mobility, freedom of movement and other dimensions such as climate protection, a critique of capitalism, post-growth, skills for action and knowledge on global power mechanisms shall be offered. The activists will eventually develop defined political demands and bottom-up solutions for the future. Through the organization process and the accomplishment of the camp, we want to grow together as an alliance and work out campaigns and organized resistance during the next years. The ultimate goal is to stay in touch with the public and to develop a plan for the future promotion of ecological transportation.
Your support will help us to build up a local and sustainable organized platform which helps to strengthen and connect the local, national and international network of the climate justice movement to become more powerful as we all work together on our meta goal: a more just and sustainable world in times of climate change. We will be able to focus on the content of our message. Financial security gives us time to breathe and think. Moreover, your money will be a massive sign of appreciation and therefore also a motivation amplifier for dozens of people in our network, working tirelessly and unpaid for months. Eventually, we have to acknowledge, that investing energy, time and resources in social and ecological projects like ours, voluntarily, has the greater aim to create a better present and future for everybody and not only for a certain group or a limited amount of people. This honorable goal is sometimes not seen and therefore neither appreciated from the wider public. Your support will help to make this effort more visible and it would also help to create a better understanding of these mentioned core values of our work.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 30. März 2020

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