Finanziert Mohanam Kindergarten Repair

Auroville, Indien

Finanziert Mohanam Kindergarten Repair

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The project supports a kindergarten in rural area of Tamil-Nadu, south India. It needs very desperately repair, otherwise it has to be closed. This means, the 3-5 years old children loose the optimum nutrition and prof. care of the Montessori nurses.

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This Kindergarden was started in 2004 as part of Mohanam Cultural Centre. Because of the rising living expenses it becomes increasingly difficult for Indian families - especially in villages - to survive on the income of just one person. Women and mothers have to get jobs, which means children are often left with their grandparents or in governmental kindergardens, which are crowded and poorly equipped.
The building needs urgent repairs, i.e. there is tiles falling off the roof into the open patio with the children and staff conducting their activities. Also, the walls, the flatroof and other parts of the building have serious cracks with water damage putting the survival of this heritage building at risk.