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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „ASYOUSED“ (A. Azefor) in Buea, Kamerun

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A. Azefor (verantwortlich)

A. Azefor
Primary education lays the bases for the human and economic development of persons and the community. The government creates schools in communities, often is not backed by sufficient financial resources to run the school. The community comes in with their own resources to ensure that the school has adequate infrastructure to host its pupils. However in some cases these resources put together do not still provide adequate infrastructure for the school; this is the case of Muamou Primary School. The infrastructural need was identified by the one of the most important need of the community, during the participatory process for community project identification organized between September and November 2010 by ASYOUSED. After ASYOUSED meetings with Buea Council administration, School authorities and Leaders of the community it was resolved that ASYOUSED should develop a project as fund-raise for the completion of the infrastructure. A team of twelve people have been commissioned manage the project; this includes ASYOUSED staff, Buea Council staff, School administration, and Muamou community leaders. It should be noted that ASYOUSED is ensures that the entire process is participatory with the greater part of the population. The direct beneficiaries of this project are the over three hundred pupils of the Muamou primary school and the families in the community who will be able to send more of their children to this school.Currently Muamou Primary School has only for room to accommodate the six classes (grades), head teachers office. Classes one and two study in the same room, classes three and four study in the same room, class five and the head teacher share the same room. Only class six, which is the final examination class, has a room of its own. There is also no toilet in the school so pupils and teachers have to use the nearby bushes and steam as their toilet. In early 2011 there was a cholera outbreak in the community. The community in 2007 put together their resources to build two new class rooms and an office for the head teacher. With their resources they built the foundation and raised the wall of the rooms. They have not been able to complete the structure since then. There has been some dilapidation on the structure and in nothing is done some the building might collapse. It worth mentioning here that Muamou community is made up of poor farmers. This project is to help the complete the two class room, head teachers office and build a school toilet.Due to the fact that the community is mostly made up of poor farmers they have limited financial resources to acquire roofing sheets, windows, cement, nails, iron rods and roofing wood. What the community has is human capacity to provide labor to complete the work. The donations shall be used to acquire the roofing wood, nails, roofing sheets, windows, iron rods and cement. The community shall have pledged to provide the labor force needed to complete the school infrastructure.

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Ort: Buea, Kamerun

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