Ein Hilfsprojekt von B. Ochieng in KISUMU, Kenia

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B. Ochieng (verantwortlich)

B. Ochieng
Mama Bibi is a grandmother of 10 children. she lives in kisumu east location in a small village called Ramba kanyamedha with 10 kids between the ages of 3 year to 13 years.
I met mama Bibi when i was on research work in the are and the site of the hungry children was overwhelming and it touched my heart and i decided to seek assistance from good hearted individuals and organizations out there to assist mama Bibi with food stuff, clothing or any form of assistance so as to help feed her grandchildren.
Mama Bibi sells local brew to the natives in order to feed her ten grandchildren, she is very old and the task of toiling and searching for the one meal a day is becoming exhausting for her.
The biggest challenge is feeding these children as wells as providing basic needs such as clothing and schooling. I appeal to any well wisher or organization to give an helping hand to Mama Bibi. Any or all donations whatsoever will go directly to mama Bibi and her grandchildren.
please assist us to make a smile on these beautiful children.

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Ort: KISUMU, Kenia

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  • little aisha....having lunch.

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  • Mama Bibi's grandchildren pose for a photo with Bonface Ochieng.

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  • Mama Bibi in her little shelter.

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