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Beendet The Beauty Skills Project - Teaching Beauty Skills to Refugee Women

Heidelberg, Deutschland

Refugee women learn cosmetics and hair styling skills at a shelter in Heidelberg, which provides them social interaction and a weekly respite from a life in limbo as a refugee.

Marelie Manders von Heidelberg International Women's Club e.V.
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The Beauty Skills Project teaches cosmetics and hair styling skills to refugee women in the community room at the Hardtstrasse Refugee Shelter in Heidelberg. The participants learn different beauty skills including applying make-up, doing manicures, and the cutting, coloring and styling of hair, and more.

Once a week, these skills are taught with the aim of providing the women personal enjoyment and enrichment. It assists in building self-confidence and independence and gives them the opportunity to socialize and learn from each other as well as their instructor. It is rare that many of the women have the opportunity to leave the shelter or have time for themselves, so this is a vital social activity that gives them a much needed break from their daily lives in limbo as a refugee.

The participants really enjoy attending the classes, attend eagerly, and are all learning a lot. The Heidelberg IWC has been financially funding the project since the end of 2019 and we want to continue funding it through July 2020, therefore we need your help! The funds being raised will be used to pay the instructor for three hours per week, with additional money raised going to purchase beauty supplies.