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Beendet Basic training for groups of women in making and


Beendet Basic training for groups of women in making and

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The project well help to improve Basic training for groups of women in making and implementing a business plan

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WAI is a registered Community Based Organization based in Kumi District with its base at Atutur sub-country,Orapada Village , focusing on helping to improve the lives of Girls and widows whose plight came as a result of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS. WAI has been in existence for 2 years and notes that several orphans cannot access education because of lack of essential facilities. They also experience problems related to early childhood development, health and sanitation, nutrition/food security. The widows are also experiencing difficulties in maintaining themselves and their families.

The HIV/AIDS, epidemic is contributing to rapid break downs of existing structures that traditionally took care of development of orphans and other vulnerable children. It has deprived many Ugandan children of critical resources required to provide their basic developmental needs An increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs) is denied the opportunity to start and continue schooling . The majority of those who do so are entering and staying at school with preventable physical and emotional problems that teachers are unequipped to handle. Malnutrition , poor health ,social exclusion , lack of early mental stimulation resulting from inadequate care affect the child's ability to think , learn and function effectively. More than anyone else, young children are the greatest victims as they are more vulnerable than older children to disease, malnutrition and unmet psychosocial needs which are critical to socialization and survival.
Widows have become bread winners and this new role is not only a challenging one but it is also traumatic. They need support in order to cope with the new role. Paying school fees and buying scholastic materials, meeting medical bills, clothing children and feeding them are some of the things that the widows must be fully in charge of. Due failure to provide these essentials, there is an increased level of school dropouts which is not good for the community.
Our goal is to enhance improved livelihoods for girl ,women and widow affected by the HIV/AIDs scourge.

Basic training for groups of women in making and implementing a business plan.

To empower the women and enable them to sustain their children both at home and at school.
To help women and schools to feed the children
To provide knowledge and skills in managing small businesses for the women

Mobilizing women groups into sectors
Baseline survey in the community
1 day training and demonstration in the community

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