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Empowering Mongolia - Training Center Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbataar, Mongolei

Empowering Mongolia - Training Center Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbataar, Mongolei

The Bookbridge Training Center in Ulaanbaatar aims to empower people in Mongolia by offering English, Business and Life skills courses as a sustainable NGO.

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Über das Projekt

After 6 months, 15 people and a vision of empowering Mongolia through supporting continuous community evolution, our BOOKBRIDGE Training Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia launched this autumn. 
It’s a place where adults and students alike can expand their knowledge with a wide range of courses whilst feeling a sense of community. It’s unique in that it combines learning with a fun and relaxed atmosphere alongside providing the skills - from business and English to life - that are important for Mongolia’s future. 

What do we need your help with?
As part of the Bookbridge program we – the BOOKBRIDGE CAP 14 team (Capability program) - have received an investment from an investor. Our plan was to complement this with a mortgage in order to buy a suitable apartment and set up the training center, ensuring its sustainability once the CAP team leave. 

The reality however turned out differently – the bank in Mongolia decided not to provide mortgages to NGOs, leaving a gap in our finances. Part of the missing funds could already be obtained elsewhere. Nevertheless, we are still missing some investments to guarantee the sustainable development of the training center and provide a buffer in the initial starting phase when courses are not yet running at full capacity.
We would like your help to fill this gap and allow the training center to develop into a sustainable business. Your donations will go to the BOOKBRIDGE social business fund which provides it as a loan to the BOOKBRIDGE Training Center. Once the loan is paid back, the social business fund will further use it to support other BOOKBRIDGE projects in developing countries across the world.

Your contribution will be invaluable and have a lasting impact on the lives of the students of our training center as well as our community heroes Amar and Tunga.
On behalf of the entire CAP 14 Team, and all current and future students of the center, we thank you for your contribution.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. März 2020