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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

And its Xmas again...

Entebbe, Uganda

And its Xmas again...

Entebbe, Uganda

Ruthi says, we need to make sure that her brothers and sisters have a great Xmas again. So, lets do that!

Annekatrin E. von Malayaka Haus und Freunde e.V. | 
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Über das Projekt

Here we go again. Ruthi is my daughter. She was born in Uganda, raised by fabulous Aunties & has 46 brothers and sisters. Our concept of family changed as soon as I stepped into Malayaka House in 2009. 
Dont worry, this is not a story of tears and starving children.
Ruthi and I now live in Germany. We try and go back to Uganda once a year. We stay in touch as much as we can. We talk about Malayaka House a lot and we talk even more about how cool it is to have two homes. 
Once again, we will not spend Xmas at Malayaka House this year. Even though we know we will have a great time here with our German family, we will miss the best Xmas as usual at Malayaka House. 
Ruthi has saved up some coins and notes in a big glass jar in my parents kitchen to ensure that her brothers and sisters have an amazing Xmas party & once again she asked me for your help to spend a few coins, too.
In case you are wondering what we are doing with extra funds? We will start putting it aside for university and tuition fees for the older girls who are finishing school soon. 

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