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Beendet "Hear Us" Childrens choirs

lilongwe, Malawi

Beendet "Hear Us" Childrens choirs

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Empowering Children through music

G. Mathews Mfune von Music Crossroads MalawiNachricht schreiben

As part of music crossroads programs that give platform to children to speak for themselves and lobby for their rights, protection and influence policy for the beterment of all children using music.

To build up the artistic skills of children through learning of folk music, dance, and stories thereby empowering them with optimum options for bettering the society and so developing a sense of ownership and pride in the young Malawians to promote, and preserve our culture.
objectives:• To collect, transcribe, compile and publish Malawian folk songs, their tales, and dances to be used in the curriculum of music education.
• To form an outstanding children’s musical theatre company that can perform professionally both locally and internationally using traditional Malawian material.
• To develop an interest and a love for Malawian folk songs, dances, and stories by children, policy makers, event organizers, listeners and parents.
• To use the expressive arts as a means of generating income for artists.

Expected Results
We expect to have a children’s musical theatre company that will perform at many functions in Malawi and also outside Malawi. This company will encourage other children who love the arts to work hard in their craft since it will continue and conduct open auditions after the year. We also expect the government to realize the success of music education in this manner so as to implement our syllabus to the rest of the country asking Music Crossroads to train teachers in training colleges.

We expect to be invited to local and international arts festivals showcasing Malawian folk songs.

There will be many who will benefit from this project, both directly and indirectly. Some of the ways in which people will benefit are in level of expressive arts education, capacity building, level of wages, and cultural preservation.
Direct beneficiaries
The direct beneficiaries of this project include the selected 25 children who will also form the performing group, the 5 teachers accompanying the children, 2 trainers, and 1 director of the organization.

training materials
paying the trainers
transport for children and tyrainers
documentation facilities
training space /infrastructure

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