Finanziert The Sustainche Farm™ Project in Northern Namibia

Ein Hilfsprojekt von M. Buch in Ongwediva, Namibia

M. Buch (verantwortlich)

M. Buch
The Sustainche Farm™ Project ( is a first-time-ever experiment in Africa promoting a grass-root approach and flagship example on sustainable development of a smallholder family farm in Northern Namibia. Based on an in-depth inside view of the daily life on the real existing Sustainche Farm™ facilitated by online media, the farmer family enjoys encouraging people around the world to participate in decision making on how to improve the overall situation of the farm in support of a better quality of life strictly in line with sustainable development principles.

Even during this very early phase of this highly complex project, which was officially launched only recently on 1 July 2011, at a stage when virtually everything needs to be planned and organized from scratch, we would like to involve those in our decision making who feel strongly committed to Sustainable Development in general and to the vision and mission of Sustainche Farm™ in Namibia in particular.

We do not expect that you are an expert. Sustainche™ has seen so many ‘experts’ and he is somehow fat up with them. It is rather to use the brain, the heart and life experience to help designing Sustainche Farm™. Since Sustainche Farm™ Project is neither a game nor utopia, and the smallholder farm family in Northern Namibia will need to survive and make their living, whatever we will propose will have a real impact on the real ground !

For more details, including the project history, its background, information on the farm and the farmer family, the challenges ahead and how will donations benefit this project, we kindly refer to our website Join our vision and mission !

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Ort: Ongwediva, Namibia

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