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Finanziert The 2019 ASSIST Holiday Challenge!

The 2019 ASSIST Holiday Challenge is here! This means: All donations in December unlock an EXTRA €20,000 in support for ASSIST, thanks to a generous "Secret Santa", who's honoring your commitment to life-changing opportunities for future Scholars!

Becky G. von Friends of ASSIST / Förderverein e.V.Nachricht schreiben

In the month of December, a generous Secret Santa is making special gifts in honor of donations made to support future ASSIST Scholars!

How it works: For every gift given in December, ASSIST will receive an additional gift to the 2019 ASSIST Holiday Challenge. By donating today, you can help unlock an extra €20,000 in support for future Scholars!

Here's what's your donation makes possible:

  • Your donation and our Secret Santa's contribution support work to identify the finest international students for the Class of 2020. 

  • Your donation and our Secret Santa's contribution ensure the continued availabilty of scholarships for the finest U.S. independent schools. 

  • Your donation and our Secret Santa's contribution make additional financial aid available to needy families.

  • Your donation and our Secret Santa's contribution help ensure that program participation depends on a student's merit, not a family's wealth.

  • Your donation and our Secret Santa's contribution show commitment to your own ASSIST experience - and the donors who made it possible for you.

  • Your donation counts, no matter its size, and if made today unlocks up to €20,000!

Also good to know! 
- Who exactly benefits from your donations and the Secret Santa funding you can help secure? 
Future Scholars! For many young people and their families, the costs of travel, school, and life in another country are too expensive - even with an ASSIST Scholarship awarded on the basis of merit.  The funds being raised support ASSIST's work and future ASSIST Scholars accepted to the program but facing financial hardship. 
- How do the Friends of ASSIST help young people and how does this work? 
Donations are collected to support grants for additional financial aid based upon demonstrated need.  Once future ASSIST Scholars have been fully accepted to the ASSIST program, families facing financial challenges may apply to the Friends of ASSIST for supplemental financial assistance.  The Friends of ASSIST are an active registered charity under German law. 
- How exactly will the funds be used? 
The funds being raised support fee-free recruiting and financial aid for future ASSIST Scholars accepted to the program but facing financial hardship. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of a written application and a confidential interview process with members of the Board of Directors.

Can I also make a bank transfer?
Yes! c/o ASSIST-Förderverein / Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE66 3705 0299 0000 4826 73 / BIC: COKS DE 33 XXX

Is my donation tax-advantaged?
Yes! The Friends of ASSIST is a recognized Charity & ensures that donors receive a tax slip for their next tax filing.