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Blockiert Give Last Chance to Children In Gonave (HAITI)

Gonave, Haiti

Blockiert Give Last Chance to Children In Gonave (HAITI)

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This project aims at providing education, healthcare, and life-saving food to 250 children in the isolated island of Gonave.

John Miller B. von CRED HAITI GROUPNachricht schreiben

Over the last 3 years, CRED marshalled a network of 20 young haitian professionals to develop a program aims at:

1) identifying children in desperate need of education, healthcare, food, and socialization

2) tailoring projects that respond to critical needs of local beneficiaries.
3) developing strategic partnerships to provide food, , school kits, healthcare, tailored civic education training to desperate children.

This project had been carried out in Mare-Sucrin, an isolated community in Gonave Island, where 2/3rd of children can not afford to have education and reproduce the pattern of poverty.

As the school year is fast-approaching, 250 children are on the sidelines and their future hangs in the balance. CRED is launching this project as a call to action in order to invite world citizens to take part in this effort to save the lives and the future of this whole community by ensuring that those kids would receive education, life-saving healthcare, and skills that are critical to break the cycle of poverty that plagues this community.

Project components:
1) tuition fees for 250 children
2) establish a school clinic to provide, through our volunteer doctor, life-saving care to children (There is no hospital in the community)
3) weekly civic education classes and community service days
4) Food for children on school days.

Your contribution will allow us to pay the tuition fees, buy life-saving medications, and ingredients to cook food.

CRED is a leading youth group in Haiti and our activities had been heralded in the New York Times and other european medias. We received several awards from leading international institutions such as the International Youth Foundation (IYF). Help us instill hope in Haiti's future through empowerment of children and youth.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten