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Beendet HIJRA Famine Assistance in Somalia

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HIJRA is an African, Independent humanitarian organization working to provide emergency assistance to IDPs and Refugee in South Central Somalia and Kenya. HIJRA has been in Somalia since 1992.

H. STAFF von Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief AidNachricht schreiben

Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA) is an African, independent, humanitarian organization focused on providing lifesaving assistance to the most vulnerable in South Central Somalia and Kenya. HIJRA was established in Somalia to address the needs of the famine victims in 1992 and has been working to provide WASH, Livelihoods and Health interventions in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle ever since.

HIJRA currently has 80 staff members comprised of Doctors, Nurses, Logisticians, Hygiene Promoters and Administrative experts directly implementing programs on the ground. HIJRA is one of the very few NGOs presently operating in South Central Somalia to address the needs of the displaced.

As one of the largest actors on the ground in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle, HIJRA is now working to address the immediate needs of 350,000 famine affected IDP’s. Our teams work to support 287,000 in WASH, 12,000 in livelihoods and 160,000 in Health. HIJRA partners with OXFAM, WHO and receives support via DFID, CIDA and The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) managed by OCHA.

“The city and camps are overwhelmed. I am indeed worried at the magnitude of the situation. We are witnessing the loss of life at an alarming rate. Today women and children are dying as they wait assistance. There can be no more hesitation in further intervention. It is our responsibility as humanitarians to assist people in need and today Somalia is the epicenter of those in need! We are calling for intensified efforts from all actors to assist in saving lives. ” Mohamed Dahir, HIJRA Director

In order to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are met HIJRA is working to address the existing gaps on the ground through the provision of additional cash relief in Lower Shabelle to over 5,000 HHs, the addition of 35,000 women and children in our current Health program at the Daryeel Mother and Child Health Clinic in Lafoole and an additional 35,000 mothers and children in Mogadishu through the construction of 1 MCH in the Badbaado camp.

HIJRA urges all to action to address the famine in Somalia. To learn more about HIJRAs programs and how you can assist the most vulnerable please visit

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