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Beendet Father's heart Destiny Child


Beendet Father's heart Destiny Child

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This is a Non-Profit a Christian project which supports the needs of the Orphans, needy children to get food, and go back to school and helps the families with Nutrition and food. Donate food 100% of this donations Is given to the beneficiaries

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This project will benefit more than 40 of the neediest kids in Kipanga way slum in Rhonda Kenya!

Help feed the needy children Project aims to meet the needs of women and children in Kipanga way Kwa Rhonda slum in Nakuru, an extremely poor slum area where people struggle to survive and even others go to a point of selling there bodies for a living and help the families and there sibling from one day to the next. HFNC was launched in 2009 April.

This project has three goals - to provide food,clothes and Education to kids who desperately need them.

Many of the kids who participate in this project have just one set of clothes and shoes and some they don’t have, which they wear every single day . This project aims to provide them with some clothes, food and Education for there future. Most of their families do not have enough money to feed their kids and for the reason the give there bodies for commercial sex so that they can feed there families and other infected with HIV in the process. This project also aims to provide one month's food from the previous we have been having of the feeding program now a one month food for each family (two meals per day) for more than 40 small, hungry mouths.

This project will benefit some very beautiful and wonderful children. Aged between 1month to11 years. Many of them are orphaned. Some have HIV. All of them live in extreme poverty. But they wake up every day smiling, full of energy and love nothing more than to sing and play! Please give your time to help a chld to go to school and get a meal for a day.

One hundred percent of donations will go directly to this project

Project is an initiative based in Kipanga way - one of the poorest parts of Nakuru, Kenya. We work with more than 40 children and over 30 women. And 20 men. The people we work with live in extreme poverty. Our goal is to help them take a step out of poverty, by tackling the root causes, In this regard, we have a number of projects, including the following:
help the children get Foundation of Education, help them get school fees and Uniforms
- Feeding program - we offer one meals per day for more than 40 kids based in our strength
- Orphan Project - this project meets the basic needs of kids who are orphaned or abandoned, like clothing’s, food and counseling
Get Involved:
There are a number of ways to get involved us. You can volunteer in person (in Nakuru). You can volunteer online (fundraising). You can sponsor a child, support a woman's project, or make a one-time donation. Anything you choose to do would be much appreciated!. For more information contact us using this