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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Abalimi Bezekhaya - farmers of home“ (k. hentschel) in Philippi, Südafrika

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k. hentschel (verantwortlich)

k. hentschel
Abalimi's work can be best described by looking at our target group, core business and target areas.

Our Target Group are living in vast informal settlements, often referred to as townships to the North-East of Cape Town, where up to one million people now live, mostly in shacks and matchbox houses. Approximately 40% of its people are unemployed. The majority speak Xhosa and are recent arrivals from the Eastern Cape - the former apartheid homelands of Transkei and Ciskei.

Our Core Business is to assist our Target Group to, firstly, combat poverty by growing food sustainably, using organic methods, at home and in community gardens and, secondly, to plant water wise indigenous trees and flora in schools and streets, in order to transform the dune-sands of the Cape Flats into a sustainable water-wise urban environment.

Our Target Area is the Cape Flats - including Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Phillipi-Browns Farm, Crossroads and Gugulethu. The Cape Flats are ecologically sensitive dune sand areas which contain some of the most threatened floral species within the unique Cape Floral Kingdom, a World Heritage Biome. Thus we strive through all our activities and projects to conserve what is left and to renew what has been destroyed.

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Ort: Philippi, Südafrika

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  • Hochgeladen am 02.11.2011

  • Two of our dedicated farmers harvesting some of their produce in the early morning.

    Hochgeladen am 02.11.2011

  • You can clearly see here how desperately we need mulch and manure to grow our vegetables. Our farmers attempt to make their own compost but the gardens are very large and it is difficult to make enough.

    Hochgeladen am 02.11.2011