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Beendet Arise and Shine: Mbirizi Village Project

Mbirizi, Uganda

Beendet Arise and Shine: Mbirizi Village Project

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Arise and Shine is a humanitarian project founded to provide the foundation and most basic resources to the Mbirizi village, so that they can evolve into a self-sustaining, thriving people.

S. Martin-Hall von S. Martin-HallNachricht schreiben

I had the honor about a month ago of making the acquaintance of Fulgensio Katoche while living here in Vienna. Fulgensio (or "Fulge", as I believe he prefers to be called) works as the director of various philanthropic initiatives in the village of Mbirizi, located in the Ngoma sub county of Uganda. Besides making a massive personal impression on me, Fulge opened my eyes to the range of incredible projects he leads to impact and better the lives of the Mbirizi people. And here's where you come in, people!

Arise and Shine is the humanitarian project Fulge founded: a certified and incorporated development project, which serves a number of sub-projects absolutely vital to the Mbirizi people's survival and development. Though varied, Fulge's Arise and Shine initiatives have one core aim: to provide the foundation and most basic resources to the Mbirizi village, so that they can evolve into a self-sustaining, thriving people.

The Arise and Shine Development Project includes:

The Bush School Educational Project

The Youth Project

The Women Empowerment Project

The Arise and Shine Mbirizi Village Project serves a wide range of incredibly deserving initiatives. All of which, without our financial support, can neither be realized nor developed. Previous donations already went to renovations of the Mbirizi primary school, with new buildings and wall paintings which have already initiated higher attendance rates (see photos!). To put it into better perspective: about 7 euros (about 11 dollars for my American friends) a day feeds the entire Mbrizi primary school. Imagine what sort of impact even your smallest amount of financial support could give.

I've always felt that life was about gaining perspectives- and meeting Fulge and learning of his project definitely provided me with a new one. I hope I may have in some way spread this perspective to you.

If you do wish to provide any financial donation to the Arise and Shine Project and help to support a more self-sustainable Mbirizi Village, then please contact me directly at [email protected] Even if you can't make a donation, please share this cause and spread the word!!! If you have any other questions or would like the certification documents for the project e-mailed to you, please also don't hesitate to contact me!

Much thanks from me and from the Mbirizi people for taking the time learn about this cause!


Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten